Dear customers and business partner

We have many different customers – some who just order a few spare parts over the course of the year and others who regularly order entire new machines or attachments; small municipalities, large municipalities, communal service providers that function as one-man operations and others that employee several people. This is just a selection of the customers who have been putting their trust in us for years, who stay loyal to us despite the economic roller coaster.

In the past years we have always striven to do justice to everyone. We showed our thankfulness and appreciation for your loyalty with a small, lasting present. This year, too, we would like to express our thankfulness to you, our customers and partners. In addition, we would like at the same time to thank our employees and show our appreciation for their good will and hard work.

In recent years, however, it has become increasingly complicated to consider everyone. Many state and even private organisations are establishing increasingly strict compliance rules, so that many people cannot even accept a ball-point pen or the like as a personal gift. This is very common in Germany in particular, but we think that people in Switzerland, too, have recently been sensitised through various events, especially in politics.

Therefore we have decided to donate a considerable sum of money to a charitable organisation. The recipient this year is the charity DENK AN MICH (THINK ABOUT ME). This solidarity charity run by the Swiss radio and television broadcasting company SRF campaigns for leisure activities for handicapped people. It is neutral in every respect and follows the motto «Eliminate barriers: in the holidays, in leisure time – in the head!»

Business in this past short year was better than in the previous year. Winter 17/18 in particular showed its pleasant side – although not in all geographical locations – but in such a way that resulted in a very noticeable sustainability, mixed with the current economic situation, which also improved. Indeed, one could almost talk about a mini-hype.

Not only that, we launched two genuine new developments. The brand-new ZAUGG Rolba 500 self-propelled snow blower, which we presented to the public for the first time at the last Suisse Public in 2017 and then at the beginning of 2018 at the IFAT in Munich. Secondly we brought the Steambeast onto the market, which is intended to reduce our dependence on the winter. That was also demonstrated to the European public at the Suisse Public 2017 and then again in the autumn of the same year at a special trade fair in Berlin, followed by a presentation in spring 2018 before an even larger expert audience at the world-leading trade fair for the cleaning industry, the INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam. At the same time we organised many practical demonstrations, especially in Germany, where the ZAUGG Steambeast was able to prove its suitability.

Our dependence on winter events, which is shaped too much by the current climate change, has shown us with increasing urgency that it is important to free oneself from the tried and tested and to go down new, innovative roads. And of course we are working on that with the necessary dedication.

In this spirit we wish you a Merry Christmas and every success and happiness in the New Year in all areas and circumstances.

Best regards
Daniel Frutiger, CEO

Change in ZAUGG Sales Organization in USA

Dear Clients and Business Partners,
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are excited to inform you that we have chosen the reputable and successful company, HL HARDLINE EQUIPMENT, dealer of winter service vehicles and attachments, to be the exclusive dealer of ZAUGG equipment in the United States.

We find it important to ensure that our clientele in the United States will continue to be well served with Swiss reliability and product quality, i.e. to ensure the seamless continuity of consulting in and supply of original spare parts and service. The use of original spare parts and service is guaranteed to extend the life of your ZAUGG equipment; please do not accept aftermarket parts.

Over the past 20 years, our solutions in specialized equipment – like the Pipe Monster – have built reputations for themselves in the production, care, and maintenance of snowboard half-pipes. Besides this, we have also successfully put numerous snow blowers and snow plow attachments into service.

Therefore, effective immediately, the well-known US company

7550 Dahlia St.
Commerce City, CO 80022
Phone 303-288-8989, Fax 303-288-8787,

Minnesota Office:
220 4th St.
Albany, MN 56307
Office 651-457-6900, Cell 612-666-7512

will be marketing and distributing the standard product lines from ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL (Switzerland) in the United States as well as ensuring the supply of spare parts and service.

Clients can also reach the English-language ZAUGG website at the following addresses:,
Again, we would like to express our great excitement in working with HL HARDLINE EQUIPMENT, and look forward to a successful and long-lasting partnership with them.

Daniel Frutiger, CEO

Snow clearance for roads, railways and airports

with tailor-made, innovative and reliable products from ZAUGG.

Snow clearance and road maintenance

ZAUGG is the Swiss market leader in vehicle-mounted snow ploughs and snow blowers and in self-propelled snow blowers. ZAUGG also specialises in specialist road maintenance equipment


Vehicle attachments

For safe, optimal and economical operation of a car, truck or van-mounted snow plough or other hydraulic equipment you need a top quality ZAUGG attachment (interface).


Snow clearance on airport runways

Self-propelled Rolba snow blowers and high-performance snow sweepers guarantee fast, efficient clearance of airport manoeuvring areas.


Snow clearing on railways

Highly specialised knowledge based on numerous customer-specific railway snow clearing projects makes ZAUGG a world technology leader in this field.


Ground cleaning

New technology for the fast, gentle and efficient cleaning of highly soiled and sensitive ground areas. Cost-effective and profitable cleaning of the most diverse traffic areas.


Ski slope maintenance for winter sports

Unique, top class vehicle-mounted equipment for economical half-pipe and terrain park building and special vehicle-mounted snow blowers for effective piste grooming.



USA: Change in ZAUGG Sales Organization in USA

Dear Clients and Business Partners, Dear Sir or Madam,
We regret to inform you that a long-standing successful partnership characterized by a great deal of mutual goodwill is coming to an end.

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InnoTrans, Berlin, 18.-21.9.2018: Is the leading international trade fair for transport technology.

About 3000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries are showing there products.

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ZAUGG world leader

The new Scania is not only very much more convenient and comfortable than the old truck, it is also fitted with a ZAUGG G33, in my opinion the Rolls-Royce of snow ploughs.

Marc DufeyCorboz Transporte, Oron-le-Châtel. From a discussion of snow ploughs in the SWISSCAMION journal

It is amazing what you can do with the ZAUGG. When you get to know it and find out how agile and responsive they are, there is nothing better for building an excellent pipe. We all agree on this fact.

Albert «Alli» ZehetnerPipe Shaper on the Kitzsteinhorn and expert in building the highest quality competitive pipes (from the specialist journal Si-Seilbahnen International 7/2916)